About us

Who we are

ONE JJ is an international network of Jewish groups that will commemorate fifty years of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, seventy years of the UN Partition Plan and the centennial of the Balfour declaration.
Our vision is to unite progressive Jews and to strengthen the impact of the international critical Jewish voice in 2017 and onwards.


The occupation and discrimination of the Palestinian people have brought Israel on the road of intolerance, xenophobia and political extremism. The oppression of the Palestinian people is an outrage. The policies of the State of Israel are becoming a risk to the security and wellbeing of Israelis themselves and of Jews all over the world. They lead to the end of a democratic Israel and its membership in the international community. We unite out of solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and on the basis of our joint commitment to justice in Israel/Palestine.


Our mission is to contribute to the growth, strength and unity of the international, progressive Jewish movement that is unambiguously critical of Israeli policies. Our goal is to push towards bold measures that may be game changers in the dynamic of the conflict.

ONe JJ members

EAJG – Netherlands
JVJP – Switzerland
JFRF – Denmark
BIB – Germany
EAJS – BelgiumĀ