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Frits from Germany on 2017-07-18
Jon de Rennes from United Kingdom on 2020-08-10
Ehud Sivosh from United Kingdom on 2020-08-10
The law of return is a racist and discriminatory law
Julietta Schoenmann from United Kingdom on 2020-08-10
Palestinians should also have the right to return to their homeland and be treated with equality, dignity and respect for their human rights.
Daniel Flexer from United Kingdom on 2020-08-10
It is unjust, discriminatory and racist. It is blatantly unfair to the Palestinians. Note that I am an Israeli citizen by birth.
Pamela Blakelock from United Kingdom on 2020-08-09
Jim Craig from GB on 2020-08-09
Because Palestinians deserve to be able to live in peace, safety, and happily in their own country.
Mark Hollinrake from United Kingdom on 2020-08-09
Anonymous from United Kingdom on 2020-08-08
I believe in Justice.
David Cannon from UK on 2020-08-06
Anyone who researches the 1948 Nakba should be horrified at the extreme anti-Palestinian racism involved. The systematic destruction of hundreds of Palestinian villages, the creation of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees let alone the bloody carnage ruthlessly meted out to Palestinian men, women and children. Palestinain Muslims, Christians as well as Palestinians of no faith were brutalised. Israel was thereby founded on racist violence and this racist violence has continued for o...
Haim Bresheeth from UK on 2020-08-05
The Law of Return is a racist, exclusivist bit of Apartheid legislation, and should be repealed together with all other Zionist legislation!
Rene Westermann from The Netherlands on 2019-09-10
I sign this declaration because I want to fight the horrible crimes of the zionists against the Palestinian people. The horrific behaviour of Israel in the middle east should stop immediately. The act of Israel equals the crimes of the nazis in the 1930\'s and 1940\'s
Itay Reiss from Ireland on 2018-06-04
Israel has lost its original purpose. It has become an entity whose existence is based on war crimes, genocide, discriminatiom and deprivation of tje Palasinians. This land belongs to tje Palastinians they lived there long before any jew.
onno van praag from Netherlands on 2018-05-15
It is a big shame wat the israeli goverment does \'in the name of me \'.
Guy Bollag from Switzerland on 2017-12-17
This law is unfair and to be rejected, as long as the Palestinians as a people and as individuals cannot come and live there freely. They have their longtime roots there and have no other homeland.
Hannah Kagan-Moore from the United States of America on 2017-12-11
Never again means never again for anyone. It’s not my birthright because it’s not my land—the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Palestine and Israel is a shande and a stain on our history.
Heleen from Nederland on 2017-12-08
B from Canada on 2017-12-06
Freda Knott from Canada on 2017-12-06
I sign this declaration because I, as Jewish woman, was brought up to respect all peoples. I remember that Jews were historically treated as non-citizens world wide. How can we do the same thing to the Palestinians who have been in the land (that is now considered Israel) for eons.
Sandra Ruch from Canada on 2017-12-05
My Jewish identity affirms justice, diversity, equality and the value of all human lives. This unjust Israeli law further contributes to the asymmetrical conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and thus prevents the possibility of a just peace. The state of Israel does not represent all Jews of the world nor the profound tradition of Jewish ethics.
judith Emanuel from UK on 2017-12-05
Palestinians have no right of return and I have less links with the area than they do.
Phoenix Singer from United States on 2017-12-05
Gordon Doctorow from Canada on 2017-12-05
It is impossible for my sense of human justice to countenance the notion that Palestinians who have inhabited the land for generations have less of a claim than a Jew who has just recently come to the land to receive citizens\' rights. It defies being in the 21st century.
Eva M Sharell from Canada on 2017-12-05
This is unfair while Palestinian refugees do not have the same right of return
Elizabeth Cohen from United States of America on 2017-12-05
Palestinians and all other peoples indigenous to the land of Israel deserve citizenship before people like myself are even considered for it.
Anonymous from United States on 2017-12-05
I wish for all Palestinians to be able to return to their homeland.
Rebecca Dayan from United States on 2017-12-05
Reuben Roth from Canada on 2017-12-05
Given that half my family perished at the hands of fascism, I believe in social justice for the Palestinian people.
ElI Cohen from United States on 2017-12-05
I will not have genocide being committed in my name, or the name of my safety as a Jewish person
Sarah Kardash from Canada on 2017-12-05
I support freedom, justice and equality for the Palestinian people.
Naomi Binder from Canada on 2017-12-04
Anonymous from England on 2017-12-04
Elan M. Goldman from United States on 2017-12-04
Because national liberation through settler colonialism and genocide is wrong.
David Weller from Canada on 2017-12-04
Equal rights and justice for all citizens is a necessity. Israel\'s denial of these rights is inexcusable. This \'right of return\' is a tool for the Israeli regime to manage their \'demographic problem. It\'s time to pull that rug out from under them.
Dr Marsha Levine from UK on 2017-12-04
Amir M. Maasoumi from États-Unis on 2017-12-04
Ari Pollack from United States on 2017-12-04
The State of Israel, by denying Palestinian refugees the right to return to their homes, constantly exists in extreme violation of Jewish ethics. I cannot support a state that favors people of one religion over another.
Bruce Katz from Canada on 2017-12-04
Israel does not represent world Jewry as a whole. It is unacceptable that the indigenous Palestinian population, forced from their land and domiciles due to a process of systematic ethnic cleansing be refused their Right of Return (as guaranteed by UN resolutions and international law)while Jews anywhere in the world can become citizens of Israel once they set foot on the soil of Israel. This is profoundly unethical and does not reflect the values of Judaism
Moshe Grossman from Israel on 2017-12-04
As an anti-Zionist who unfortunately has to live in Israe-hell, I signed this petition. I think that the \"Law of Return\" is a racist, Volkist law serving to create a \"racially pure\" ethnostate. support the Right of Return of all Palestinian refugees to their ancestral land.
Andrea Krakovsky from United States on 2017-12-04
Vera Szoke from Canada on 2017-12-04
Israel is an apartheid state that has oppressed Palestinians since the Zionists first arrived in the country. As the daughter of two Holocaust survivors, I am appalled by Israel\'s goal of destroying the Palestinian community.
David Pressler from USA on 2017-12-04
Ben Simonds-Malamud from United States on 2017-12-04
I don\'t have more of a right to live in Palestine than a Palestinian.
Seth Rosenau from United States on 2017-12-04
Tikkun Olam
Anonymous from Switzerland on 2017-12-04
As long as their Right of Return is denied to the Palestinians, might it be fullfilled by Return to their Homeland or as full compensation (a choice to be made by themselves), I reject the Israeli \"Law of Return\".
Quinn Sjogerman from U.S.A on 2017-12-04
The values I’ve learned from my Jewish study and culture are not compatiable with the State of Israel. Israel does not represent me or my community, and I reject its claim on Judaism, both in general and within my soul.
Anton Guz from Ukraine and Canada on 2017-12-04
Having been driven from Ukraine by nationalism, I cannot employ nationalism falsely in my own defense, nor against Palestinians.
Anonymous from UK on 2017-12-04
It\'s unjust that I, someone with no historic or cultural connection to the land, should be automatically granted citizenship when Palestinians around the world aren\'t awarded the same right. I have nothing to \"return\" to, when they have their whole family history uprooted. I cannot accept that, and I cannot make it fit within my framework of Jewish ethics and values.
Irene Steinert from Netherlands on 2017-12-04
This unjust Israeli law further contributes to the asymmetrical conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and thus prevents the possibility of a just peace.
Leon Rosselson from U.K. on 2017-12-04
I\'m opposed to the Zionist project, based on the expulsion of the indigenous people, and to the concept of a Jewish state which privileges one section of the population over another. pt of a Jewish state
Wolfe Erlichman from Canada on 2017-12-04
Martha Roth from Canada and the US on 2017-12-04
As a founding member of Independent Jewish Voices-Canada, I deeply believe in all three reasons listed above. Furthermore, I believe that ending the occupation of Palestinian territories by the state of Israel is a necessary first step to establising peace in the Middle East.
william shookhoff from Canada on 2017-12-04
Alisa Gayle-Deutsch from Canada on 2017-12-04
Dan Kaplan from United States on 2017-12-03
There will be no peace in the Middle East until there is a democratic, secular Palestine. Israel is an apartheid state.
David Laibman from United States on 2017-12-03
Grace Bertalot from USA on 2017-12-03
I am dismayed at the way the nation of Israel has developed, with its ongoing suppression of the Palestinian people who have as much right to a homeland as do Jews, and obstruction of any just solution.
Peter Trainor from Canada on 2017-12-03
Robert Rosenthal from United States on 2017-12-03
I believe in equal rights.
Sara Traub from Canada on 2017-12-03
Charles Gaulke from Canada on 2017-12-03
I cannot, through action or inaction, speech or silence, support or condone the furtherance of a brutal ethnostate to satisfy the nationalistic fantasies of those who would deny their neighbors\' humanity. Never forget, never again.
MIRIAM MEIR from Canada on 2017-12-03
I I am a Canadian-Israeli citizen who lived and worked in Israel and witnessed first hand the inequality towards the Palestinian people.
Suzanne Weiss from Canada on 2017-12-03
Palestinians have a right to their homelands. The state of Israel does not represent all Jews of the world nor the profound tradition of Jewish ethics.
Sid Shniad from Canada on 2017-12-03
It is outrageous that I have the right to \"return\" to a place where neither I nor my ancestors have ever lived, while Palestinians who were born there and expelled by Israel are denied the right to return.
Jason Kunin from Canada on 2017-12-03
Mark Klein from Canada on 2017-12-03
Harold Shuster from Canada on 2017-12-03
I fell my safety to be a Jew in my home in Canada is diminished by Palestinians not being able to live their lives free from harassment and discrimination in their home.
Anonymous from Canada on 2017-12-03
Smadar Carmon from Canada on 2017-12-03
The law of return should be changed to include all Palestinian refugees and their descendants. It also does not make ANY sense that just by being a Jew one automatically becomes a citizen.
Marty Roth from Canada on 2017-12-03
Joshua Goldberg from Lkwungen Territory, Indigenous lands stolen by \'canada\' on 2017-12-03
From colonization of Turtle Island to colonization of Palestine, occupation is occupation. We must move towards a radically different way of relating to ourselves, each other, and the lands we call home, rejecting violent domination and instead working collaboratively to ensure that everyone has a safe place to live, free of war, oppression, and violence.
Jacob de Haan from Netherlands on 2017-12-03
Istrongly reject the law of return as along as Palestinians cannot have the same rights or opportunities tot live in Israel the same way as the Israeli\'s over there.
Marc Janssens from België on 2017-12-01
medieval times are in the past
Xander de Rijk from the Netherlands on 2017-11-30
I reject the Law of Return as it excludes the native gentile population who were driven out and must be able to return according to international law and UN resolutions. I reject this law because it discriminates on basis of religion, which is disregards universal human laws and constitutions of democrties
Anonymous from The Netherlands on 2017-11-30
I\'m from the beginning till now not agree with the occupation of Palestina through Israel
Ton van iersel-oomens from Netherlands on 2017-11-30
The Palestinians have lived in Israël/ Palestine or many ages,you may onttakel their right to live there or to return to their country
Yonatan Goldshtein from Denmark on 2017-11-30
If anyone should have a right to return to the land, it is the Palestinians who have been denied access to their home for 70 years.
Anonymous from Danmark on 2017-11-30
Raymond Nethe from Nederland on 2017-11-30
As long as the Palestinian territories are occupied by Israel, and as long as the Palestinian Israelis are treated as second class inhibitants, I will reject personally the law of return.
Jaap Hamburger from Netherlands on 2017-11-30
This so called \'right of return\' is nothing but a historical distortion, an artificial construction, a right to immigrate to Israel exclusivily for jews. It is a political \'invention\' to populate nowadays Israel with no \'race\' but jews, at the expense of the Palestinians, in the past, nowadays and in the future. The \'right of return\' therefore is in and by itself a gross injustice. The pinnacle of injustice however is the exclusiveness, to deny Palestinians any \'right of return\' a...
Ehud Shem Tov from Israel on 2017-11-29
I can understand (though disagree) why they enacted the law against the background of the persecution of Jews in World War II, but it is impossible to understand why this discriminatory and racist law still exists.
Anonymous from NL on 2017-11-29
Anonymous from Nederland on 2017-11-29
Ofra Yeshua-Lyth from Israel on 2017-11-29
One of the biggest lies I grew up on can be summed up with the sentence : \"My Jewish identity affirms justice, diversity, equality and the value of all human lives\". It does not correspond to any reality on the ground.
Dr. Esther Rapoport from Israel on 2017-11-29
Ingrid Blekman from The Netherlands on 2017-11-29
The purpose and effect of this law is to increase the Jewish Israeli population in Israel and Palestine, where the non-Jewish population is perceived as a demographic threat. This unjust Israeli law further contributes to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and thus prevents the possibility of a just peace. And this is a threat to all the people in the middel east.
Sarah Benton from United Kingdom on 2017-11-29
Because of a Jewish father, I can live in Israel whereas Arabs who have lived there for over a thousand years cannot
Donald Sassoon from UK on 2017-11-29
I Donald Sassoon, as a Jew and citizen of the United Kingdom, reject Israel’s Law of Return. This law offers me Israeli Citizenship. I cannot accept this offer as long as Palestinian refugees and their descendants are denied the same rights accept this offer as long Palestinian refugees are denied any right to return to their home. Why?
Ann Jungmann from UK on 2017-11-29
Because a great wrong was done to the Palestinians, who were in no way responsible for historical anti-Semitism. I feel it is incumbent on Jews everywhere to assist in righting this wrong and to help to give all the inhabitants of the area full Human Rights.
Mike Gould from Netherlands on 2017-11-29
I sign this declaration because of the gross injustice for the Palestinian people who are often unable to live freely in their own land.
Max Wieselmann from The Netherlands on 2017-11-29
as long as the Palestinians as the original inhabitants of the land are denied return or any compensation it is not up to me to excercise my right of \'return\'
Morten Thing from Denmark on 2017-11-29
My Jewish identity affirms justice, diversity, equality and the value of all human lives. This unjust Israeli law further contributes to the asymmetrical conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and thus prevents the possibility of a just peace. The state of Israel does not represent all Jews of the world nor the profound tradition of Jewish ethics.
Anonymous from Belgium on 2017-11-29
I sign this declaration because it is the right thing to do. Freedom and liberty are universal rights. Nobody should every be deported, expelled or driven away, nobody should ever be stripped of their universal human rights for the benefit of others. Recognizing the root causes of a problem is the first step we must take to find a real solution.
Anya Topolski from Belgium, Poland, Canada on 2017-11-29
Jews know from our own history what its like not to be seen/treated as full human beings. We cannot be part of any system that dehumanises others.
Nirit Sommerfeld from Germany on 2017-11-29
I was born in Israel so I have the Israeli citizenship. But I live in Europe since I was eight. So why should my daughters have the right to \"return\" to a place they never came from, while Palestinians don\'t have the right to stay in their homeland, not to speak about returning after they had been refugees for 70 years?!
Dror Feiler from Sweden on 2017-11-29
It is the right thing to do!
Daphne Meijer from the Netherlands on 2017-11-22
it does not feel right to me that I should posses more rights than Palestinian people who have a close connection of ownership to the property of their grandfathers and - mothers within the current boundaries of Israel and Palestine, while they cannot return, let alone resettle there. There can be no real future for Judaism as a spiritual tradition without a righteous compromise with the Palestinian people. This is the defining issue of our era, as Jews.
Dennis from Belgium on 2017-09-21
Anonymous from Netherlands on 2017-08-03